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Staff Bio

Elham Abdel-Hamid

Working in the field of education for over twenty years, I have developed Safa and Marwa Islamic School to be a foundation that raises the next generation of aspiring, educated and inspirational Canadian Muslims. My ethos for education is managing and creating the best team that cares for, inspires and teaches each child in our school community the importance of academia and deen. Fun fact: I’m athletic by nature and absolutely love to swim!

Angie Hindy

Assistant Principal

Salam! I am the Assistant Principal at SAM and my role is to create policies, introduce programs, facilitate and support a positive experience for the school community. My intention is to raise the future Muslim Ummah and, through these students, earn a place in Jannat al-Firdaws, inshaAllah. I love children and engaging with them in a positive manner, and feel like a child at heart. Fun fact: I love chocolate and golf and would love to skydive out of a plane one day.


VP High School

As-salamu alaykum!I am the Vice Principal of the High School at Safa and Marwa Islamic School. I joined the SAM family in 2018, and I have always been dedicated to making sure that our students achieve success in their academics and personal lives.I started off my career as a Mechanical Engineer, however I found true passion in inspiring and educating the youth. I quickly gained experience as a teacher, entrepreneur, and a consultant within the education field. With over 6 years experience, I understand what it takes for high school students to achieve their academic goals and do my best to help set them upon a path to a successful life.


VP Elementary School

Salaam. I am excited and honored to be your Vice-Principal of the Elementary School. I began teaching at SAM in 2017 as a Grade 4 teacher and have since obtained an MEd. These experiences have transformed my passion for teaching in every way. I have been teaching for a total of 22 years and it has always been my goal to ensure students succeed through quality experiences at school that would positively shape their lives. Fun fact: Apart from school, I am a very outgoing mom to 2 adventurous children, MashaAllah! We love exploring the outdoors and enjoying nature. I have a keen interest in traveling, sports, art, and puzzles.


Executive Assistant

Salam :). My name is Hoda Abdelrahim and I am the executive assistant at Safa and Marwa Islamic School. I am a highly motivated and experienced professional with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Western Ontario. However my passion extends beyond technology. I have a deep love for children and thoroughly enjoy working in educational environments. Building connections with students and witnessing their growth is an incredibly fulfilling experience for me. Above all, I am driven by the desire to make a positive impact in any organization I am a part of. I believe that by working together and leveraging our collective strengths, we can achieve great things.  Apart from school, I am a devoted mother of two beautiful children, Alhamdulillah. I love doing outdoor activities with them and spending quality time with family and friends. 


HS Administrative Assistant

Salam! My name is Jamila Elahi. I am the Administrative Assistant at Safa and Marwa Islamic School secondary campus. I graduated from York University with Bachelors of Environmental Studies and a certificate in Sustainable Energy. I also studied at Al-Huda Institute and obtained two diplomas by completing both Taleem Ul Quran and Taleem Ul Hadith courses. I love doing outdoor activities, spending time with family and friends, and trying new restaurants/dessert spots/cafes. I like to consider myself an outgoing individual, so working at SAM and having the opportunity to meet and engage with so many people makes me very happy.

Saima Naeem


Assalamualaikum. My name is Saima Naeem and I have completed my Masters degree in Home Economics. I am the Admin Assistant at Safa and Marwa Islamic School and Alhamdulillah I have been working here for 8 years. In my position, I am responsible for looking after the Hot Lunch program, locker rentals, school supplies and electronic equipment. In my free time, I enjoy cooking and arts and crafts. I am a friendly person and enjoy meeting new people and spending time with friends and family.

Rachid Boumerdjan

Facilites Manager & Masjid Administrator

I am Rachid, I’ve been here for about 11 years cleaning and managing the masjid and school. I am originally from Algeria but call Mississauga my home now with my wife and daughters. I am usually the first person you will see if you visit the masjid, so stop by and say salam!

Swafiya Swaleh

JK Homeroom

My name is Swafiya Swaleh. I am a trained Montessori teacher certified by International Montessori Centre, UK. For the past 12 years, I have been working in early childhood setting in different roles and I am currently the JK homeroom teacher. Safa and Marwa has been my second home for the past 6 years and have enjoyed my time here. I am very committed to my family and after school hours are dedicated to them. My comfort food is a bowl of warm chicken soup and sorry I don’t have a sweet tooth!

Nawal Abdalla

JK Assistant

Salam! My name is Nawal Abdalla. I am the JK Teacher Assistant at Safa and Marwa Islamic School. I recently graduated from the Early Childhood Education program, and am now a Registered Early Childhood Educator with the College of Early Childhood Educators.  I have always had a love for children, and consistently try to do my best to be loving and patient with them! I spent my high school years at Safa and Marwa, and am now excited to be back as a part of the amazing staff! 

Salwa Siddiqui

SK Homeroom

Assalamu Alaikum. My name is Ms. Salwa Siddiqui. This is my 5th year at Safa and Marwa Islamic school. I have almost 22 years of teaching experience with elementary and kindergarten students. I have taught 5 years in Pakistan and 15 years in Kuwait at a Bilingual and International School. I have done my Bachelors in Arts from Pakistan. I did my teaching certification (PGCE) i.e Professional Graduate Certification in Education from University of Sunderland, England. I have also done certification in Dyslexia from International Dyslexia Association, Direct Learning-U.S.A. Adding on to it, I also have a diploma in Child Day Care Management, Education Direct-U.S.A. I love doing art with young kids. I love cracking jokes. I enjoy meeting new people and definitely enjoy going out doing window shopping and eating.

Doha Horani

Arabic Teacher & SK Assistant Teacher

My name is Miss Doha Horani, I have been teaching Arabic for JK,SK students in Safa And Marwa for six years now and hamdulillah it is a good experience , I love kids and I enjoy teaching them. By the way I am also a grandmother Alhamdulillah.


ES Student Counsellor


My name is Nema Najaf, and I am the Elementary School Counsellor. I have a Bachelor’s in Psychology, a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychological Counselling Skills and I recently completed a Child and Youth Care Diploma from Humber College. I am passionate about helping students reach their full academic, social, and emotional potential. My philosophy is student-centred, and solution focused. I also believe in a comprehensive counseling program that addresses the academic, career and personal/social development of all students. My role as a school counsellor has truly been rewarding. I have the pleasure to work with students, teachers, administration, and parents who thrive for success. Fun fact: I love cooking, baking, and exploring the outdoors. I am very fun and adventurous at heart. 

Mohammed Shaikh

HS Math & Physics


Grade 3 Green Homeroom Teacher, SAM Support

My name is Omema Ali and I am the Grade 3 Homeroom teacher. It’s an honour to be part of Safa and Marwa Islamic School. I have been teaching for 9+ years now and I love my job. Teaching has always been my passion. It makes me happy to see my students learn, grow and succeed. My teaching philosophy is based on the fact that each child is different and unique with varying levels of strengths. As a teacher, I work with them to discover their strengths and reach their full potential. I have a Bachelors in Chemical Engineering and Behaviour Science and graduated from Guelph Humber with Early Childhood Education. I have worked as a Behaviour Therapist at Aim Pediatric Therapy and also as a coding instructor for kids. Currently, I am pursuing a Degree in Mathematics for Education. As an educator, I am always striving to maximize the learning of my students by making it more fun and hands-on. I am the mother of a 10 years old boy and love playing with him, especially building Lego!

Naglaa Kasbany

Islamic Studies Teacher / Librarian

I am honoured to teach at SAM since 2009. I teach Islamic studies and Quran. I graduated from University of Alexandria in Egypt in the Art of Arabic Language. I am passionate about learning Islamic knowledge and teaching it to others. My goal is to inspire students to love Allah and be proud of their identities as Muslims.

Shamoona Yousaf

Gr 5 Homeroom & MS Sciences

Anam Ansari

Gr 4 Green Homeroom, MS Social Sciences & Art


Idil Unle

SK Assistant

Zoha Hassan

Grade 2 Green Homeroom

Salaam! I’m a Pharmacist by degree but an Educator by passion! I’ve first started my career in teaching in 2013 as an I.B. teacher and have never looked back. I enjoy teaching and I feel it’s the most rewarding experience when you see a student achieve something new! I’ve completed additional courses in teaching and a masters degree in Psychology. Alhamdulillah! I’m a mother of four young children and our best times spent together are when we paint. I love to travel and have visited more than ten countries and I look forward to see the cherry blossoms of Japan soon! 

Eman Hardan

ES Islamic Studies, Arabic, Quran (Gr 3, 4)

Zakwan Alhalabi


Assalamu Alaikum. I was born in Damascus and grew up in Great Umayyad Mosque, where I received my IJAZA of Quran and Islamic studies. I graduated from Damascus University with a degree in electronic and communication, and taught there for 10 years. I have taught in many Islamic institutes and private Islamic universities, and even have experience in Islamic tourism. In 2012, I moved to Malaysia where I taught Quraan and other Islamic subjects. I am excited to join Safa and Marwa Islamic school as an Islamic Studies and Quran teacher. In addition, I am also working as an Imam and Khatib. FUN FACT: I like horseback riding.

Mahira Haq

ES French & MS Health/Gym (Girls)

Zhoeb Shaikh

ES/MS/HS Health & Gym

Hala Seror

MS Lunchroom Supervisor &  JK Assistant

Heiam Skeikh

ES Arabic & Quran


Souade El-Tounssi

Arabic Teacher
I have been teaching at SAM for over 18 years. I love every child that I have taught and hope to have instilled the love of Arabic and Quran in each and every one of them inshaAllah.

Amal Hafidi

French Teacher

I am Amal Hafidi and a French teacher working at Safa and Marwa Islamic School. French is my passion and teaching our Muslim youth is my privilege. My goal in teaching is to positively influence the future ummah, islamically and follow the intended curriculum using islamic teaching and values. I love anything chocolate, and it is always welcome 😉

I am experienced in teaching all grade levels. I’ve been one of the longest working teachers in this school for a total of 16 years. I’ve prided myself in my hard work and passion during my time and I hope to continue to give my all during the upcoming years, inchaAllah. I have watched this school transform into a beautiful, supportive, and professional environment.

I am proud of my current and previous students that I still meet today. I ensure all my students are driven towards excellence.


Abirami Sivagnanasundaram

Gr 1 Blue Homeroom

Aalia Mehar Khan

HS Language/Drama

“I am me, nothing more, nothing less and that is enough” (Harpreet Dayal) My name is Aalia Mehar Khan and I am a mother of two beautiful girls. I was born in Pakistan as a quiet, studious and stubborn child and spent most of my time there. I have recently moved to Canada and loving this country. Teaching is my passion and working at Safa and Marwa High School is a great learning experience for me. I love to cook and play games with my children.


Sakina Shaikh

Grade 3 Blue Homeroom 


HS Science Teacher

Assalamu Aleikum My name is Reshma Mukadam and I am a high school science teacher at Safa and Marwa for 3 years. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science(physics) and Bachelor of Education from Mumbai University and holding license of Ontario certified teacher (OCT). I began my teaching career in the Star high school in Mumbai and then taught 7 years in Doha Qatar as a high school science teacher at Ruqayya Albayan Educational Complex and 2 years at American Academy. This year I am teaching grade 11 Biology and Chemistry, grade 12 Biology and Chemistry and grade 9 Science and grade 10 Science. Currently, I live in Mississauga with my husband and my 4 four children. I enjoy cooking, reading, shopping and spending time with my family.


Maryam Munir

MS Math & Science, Homeroom Gr. 7

Sumayya Bashir

MS English & Social Sciences, Homeroom (6G)


My name is Sumayya Bashir. I am a MA graduate in English Literature and Linguistics from Pakistan. With over 5 years of teaching experience I am dedicated to sparking student interest and fostering independent learning. Fun fact: I’m not only a dedicated educator but also a law enthusiast and I love connecting legal principles with literature.

Batool Shehadeh

Gr 2 Blue Homeroom (HR)

With a background spanning more than 6 years as an instructor  at universities, colleges, and embassies, my journey has taken an exciting turn as I dive into the world of kids’ education. While my roots are firmly planted in higher education, the switch to teaching children has added a delightful dimension to my daily experiences. It’s a refreshing adventure where I find joy in learning something new alongside my young students every day.


HS Student Counsellor

I am Nobera Chowdhury and I am the Student Counsellor at SAM. I am here to help the students with their emotions, social and behaviour concerns in an open and non-judgemental way. Together, we develop solutions, set goals and work really hard to resolve whatever issues they are facing, whether they are having stress at home or school, difficulty focusing in the classroom, understanding and managing emotions and more.

I have a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Toronto in Psychology and Sociology, a diploma in Social Service Work and certification in Life Coaching. I have always been interested in the way people think, feel and solve problems so working at SAM has been the perfect fit for me, alhamdulillah.

In order to be healthy physically, mentally and emotionally, and to be an effective counsellor, I take self care very seriously. My personal combination includes working out, spending quality time with my family and friends, travelling, listening to audiobooks (doubling the speed, of course) and spending quiet time alone!


Fadi Bawwab

ES/MS Islamic Studies & Quran

Zainab Tamkeen

VP Middle School

Salaam! I am excited to serve as Vice-Principal of Middle School at SAM. With a Master’s in Education (M.Ed) specializing in Administration, Leadership, and Policy, my passion lies in fostering positive learning environments, implementing effective policies, and inspiring collaborative leadership within educational institutions. My academic journey and professional experiences have equipped me with a deep understanding of the complexities of educational systems and a commitment to driving positive changes within them. I believe in cultivating a learning environment that goes beyond academic achievement to encompass the overall well-being and development of each student. Fun fact about me: I am also an architect.

Rehana Shamim

G4 Homeroom

Ziyyad Ali

Technology & Computer Science


My name is Ziyyad Ali and I am the high school technology teacher here at Safa and Marwa Islamic School. I graduated from the University of Toronto with a major in Astronomy and minors in Physics and Computer Science. During my university years, I gained interest and experience in the education sector as a TA for various CS courses while learning from my past supervisors specializing in pedagogical research. As a result, I started my career in education and have made it my goal to help students reach and exceed their academic potential while preparing them for what comes next. A little fun fact about me is that I love traveling and spending time at the beach.