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Secondary School

Welcome to Safa and Marwa Islamic High School

Here at Safa and Marwa, we strive to provide an engaging environment for our students attending Grades 9 to 12. Located in the heart of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, we are a private high school accredited with the Ontario Ministry of Education, which prepares students for admission to colleges and universities in Canada, while striving to abide by Qur’anic mandate and the prophetic traditions.

Day Credits
Summer Credits
Night Credits

Online Credits
OSSLT Preparation: Ministry of Education Preparation Document

Peer Tutoring
Safa and Marwa students can apply to become a tutor. As a student tutor you will be assigned a “tutee” and work with that student in study skills and subject requirements. Hours logged can be used towards your 40 volunteer hours required to graduate. Peer tutoring application forms are located at the front office. If you would like to receive peer tutoring, please make an appointment with your admin leader to make the necessary arrangements.

Career Planning
Electronic Info is a site connecting students to all universities and programs offered at Ontario Universities (www.electronicinfo.ca)

OUAC (Ontario Universities’ Application Centre)
The OUAC provides services in English and in French to applicants to all full-time undergraduate programs, selected professional programs (medicine, law, teacher education, and rehabilitation sciences), as well as within special individual contracts relating to graduate studies, part-time undergraduate studies, internal transfers and re-admissions, and others. (www.ouac.on.ca)

Ontario Colleges
A site connecting students to all colleges and programs offered at Ontario Colleges (www.ontariocolleges.ca)

Apprentice Search
The website is designed to help connect apprentices and employers across Ontario and is a free service operated by not-for-profit organizations and community agency partners in Ontario.
Registration on the database section of the website is open to employers and job seekers in across the province of Ontario. Anyone can access information and resources on the website. (www.apprenticesearch.com)

Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities
The Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities assists in helping people get the education and training needed to build a rewarding career after high school. (http://www.tcu.gov.on.ca/eng/about/)