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Middle School 7-8

Students in the Intermediate Grade (7-8) continue to develop independence and self-direction. The curriculum again continues to grow more complex, and the students are guided accordingly. The Intermediate Programme at Safa & Marwa places a strong emphasis on creating logical and critical thinkers. Our unique programme combines the rigours of classic education with the expectations of the subjects. Literacy and numeracy skills are excelled and students are taught complex applications. A strong emphasis is placed on problem solving skills in all subject areas.

It is our belief that acquisition of information is not enough to create a complete learner, and therefore ensure that the students are challenged intellectually as well as physically. We have a strong and competitive physical education program. Our school had been champions of various Inter-Islamic School tournaments for many years now.

By nurturing our young people intellectually, spiritually, socially, and physically, we are creating innovative problem solvers and strong critical thinkers.

Our Grade 7 and 8 students utilize the Google Classrooms platforms for teacher updates.